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Facebook 广告管理页面自从5月11号开始改版了。 广告用户会先后在自己的账户页面看到提示,到了5月25日会统一升级到新版本。


likes-ad-managerToday I noticed while looking at the data from some current Facebook ad campaigns that there was a notification at the top of the page but also a new link to a feature called “creative library”. The notification was an update to Facebook Ads Manager interface with new enhanced visuals and new campaign performance data, my account had been upgraded to take advantage of the new advanced metrics and graphs to better understand my Facebook Ads.

There was a link to a pdf document to learn more about the new Facebook Ad Manager that offered a brief tour of the new features including

  • improved campaign performance graphs
  • new real-time measurements
  • inline ad management

Click to view the PDF Guide to the New Facebook Ads Manager

The new updates highlighted that you can see an audience performance graph that show you how many people your Facebook ads do reach compared to the total audience you can target over the last 28 days.  This is important as it can show what elements of your campaign are under delivering and guides on where you can improve your campaign to reach more of your audience including more social reach or increasing your CPC bids or campaign budgets.

new facebook ads dashboardThe new metrics are also constantly updated so offer almost real-time results of your campaign providing you campaign metrics to understand how Facebook users are responding to your campaigns, and adjust them constantly.  The metrics have almost been simplified as there is now clicks and connections (conversions) which enable advertisers to understand if they are failing to target the right audience by not getting any new fans, app installations, or RSVPs to your events. You can quickly also divide the number of connections into number of clicks to get the campaign conversion rate which helps spot potential failing campaigns quickly.

The new Facebook ad campaign metrics are

  • campaign reach – the number of individual people who saw your ads in this campaign during the date period selected, this is different to impressions which includes people seeing your ad multiple times
  • frequency – the average number of times each person saw your campaign ad
  • social reach – the people who saw your ad with the names of their friends who liked your page, RSVPed to your event or used your app
  • connections – the number of people who liked your page, RSVPed to your event or installed your application within 24 hours of seeing your ad
  • clicks – the number of clicks this campaign has received
  • CTR – the campaign click thru rate
  • spent – the amount of money you spent on Facebook ads
The new Facebook audience metrics are
  • targeted – the approximate number of people seeing your ads based on the targeting options you have selected
  • reach – the individual number of people who saw your Facebook ads
  • social reach – the number of people who saw your Facebook ads because their friends like your page, RSVPed to your event or use your app

Facebook introduces inline ad management

One of the issues with the previous interface was the time wasted loading when clicking back and forward to manage your individual Facebook ads.  Now you can quickly click one of the ad rows in your Ad Manager screen and the ad will drop down allowing you to quickly preview the ad and click-through the various elements of its individual performance without leaving the Ad manager.

Facebook inline ads

Facebook offers Creative library

Similar to a number of bid management and ad serving platforms Facebook has created a central database of all your campaign creatives allowing for scalable campaigns and also the re-use of previous ads in your new campaigns.  The platform allows you to view all campaigns creatives, by campaign but also those campaigns with no adverts yet created, and you can also search via keyword to quickly find that perfect ad. There is 3 options you can edit that creative, preview how it will look on your profile page and click to use that creative in a new or existing campaign.

Facebook Ad Creative Library

Facebook will be releasing the new Ads Manager to all advertisers by the 25th May 2011, so keep an eye out in your account for the new dashboard.

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          @Lofi 呵呵, 你们总算开始上广告啦。5月11日是美国时间,到我们这就得12号了, 而且还是逐步的,我有个客户,刚给他们做完培训,页面就全变了,擦!

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            @Lofi 你好,我想知道怎么在facebook上面上广告,您能告诉我详细的步骤吗?谢谢

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            请教一个问题,按照您的经验,Facebook ads的点击转化率如何?

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                @schumi 看你怎么操作了

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                    @ada facebook ads虽然定位精确,浏览者兴趣也蛮高(facebook ads过来的客户有较高的PV),但购买意向似乎不强,极少比例客户将产品放入购物车。

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                  You have shed a ray of shunisne into the forum. Thanks!